Why Be Buried in Israel?


The importance of being buried in Israel


We find in the Torah (Bible) that Yaakov had his son, Yosef, swear not to bury him is Egypt and to take him up to be buried in the Land of Israel. Later, Yosef himself requests an oath from the children of Israel to have his bones brought for burial in the Land of Israel when Hashem will deliver the nation of Israel from Egypt.

Throughout Jewish history, Jews from the Diaspora have requested burial in Israel. What is the reason behind this? What is the significance of burial in the Land of Israel?

The last of the 13 Principals of Faith see: www.aish.com is the Principal of the Resurrection of Dead. In our daily prayers, we confirm our solid belief 3 times a day that Hashem will resurrect the dead. The Talmud in tractate Ketubot 111a describes that at the time of the resurrection of the dead, those who were buried in the Land of Israel will merit resurrection first. Those who were buried in the Diaspora will come to the Land of Israel via special tunnels that Hashem will facilitate for this purpose and in addition to the arduous journey involved, they will be resurrected later than those buried in Israel.

The Medrash tells us that the moment that a Jewish body is buried in the Land of Israel, the soul merits atonement from sins as the verse says: And the land will atone for the nation.

May we all merit to see and experience the Final Redemption and the resurrection of the dead in the near future.

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