We are humbled to be able to offer all the assistance you may need to acquire group or individual plots, arranging funerals, tombstones, kaddish or continual care for the grave of your loved ones.

Purchase of Plots

Jerusalem Burials will assist you in purchasing a burial plot in the cemetery of your choice in Israel. From Jerusalem to Tzefat we will do our utmost to ensure that the process is completed in a smooth professional manner, with the correct sensitivity to this delicate subject. Jerusalem Burials will handle all the administrative aspects of the purchase process and follow-through until the plot is officially registered in the purchaser’s name and the title deed or certificate has been delivered.

Group Purchases

Jerusalem Burials can facilitate the purchase of group plots in certain cemeteries in Israel at discounted prices. Typically, a group purchase would be for 50 plots or more, however, arrangements can be made for smaller groups and family plots.

Funeral Arrangements

Typically, the purchase of a burial plot in Israel will include the transportation and funeral costs*.

* Funeral services in Israel are conducted in Hebrew. We can arrange other languages for you for an additional cost.


Jerusalem Burials will assist you in the purchase and installation of a tombstone. This service is not dependent on having purchased a plot through our organization. Jerusalem Burials can also assist you with the text of the inscription that you wish to have engraved on the tombstone.

Grave Maintenance

Jerusalem Burials understands the difficulties that families may face when a close relative is buried in Israel with no family to care for the grave. Jerusalem Burials offers a unique service whereby we will visit the grave at regular interval, as requested by the family, and ensure that the grave is being tended to in the appropriate manner. Jerusalem Burials will remove any unwanted growth from around the grave and restored to its former condition. For Grave Maintenance services, please complete the form below.